Mystic Shelley  Spiritual  Counselor  

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                                                          Mystic Shelley's Testimonial's 

" Shelley is absolutely amazing!  Through my reading with her, I was able to remove the worry and sad feelings I had and am able to focus on things clearly. I have a better understanding of my choices and decisions I need make for my future happiness. I am so thankful for her time! This lady is such a blessing!!" Teresa       

Shelley has such a gift!  She is caring and insightful and very personable to speak with.  She is clearly both empathetic and clairvoyant.  She immediately picked up on the anxiety and stress I have been plagued with.  She described my talents, picked up that I am remodeling my home, described my ex-husband perfectly and described a man that she believes will be coming into the picture soon. Highly recommended! Thanks Again Michelle

    • In the past several days & weeks, I have felt lost in direction, nervous about my future, and started to doubt myself as a person, businesswoman, and provider.  I reached out to Shelley to seek direction and insight.  Shelley helped me to find peace within and gave me direction on what I needed to do for me.  I also felt alone before I spoke with Shelley, and now I feel I can move forward in my daily life and overcome any challenges that come my way in a positive and loving way.  I feel confident that what I asked for from the Universe on May 1st, 2013, will begin coming to me with abundance of new business, financial stability, and great love.   Shelley is an incredible reader with compassion, and honesty.  I am grateful for the time I had with her. - K M

    • I have been getting readings for maybe close to a year and I am very impressed every last reading was exactly right on point to my situation or eventually did come true as far as events that were going to take place. Shelley readings have help me make my own decisions as to what I need to do in order to move forward or to be able to make my own choices I love getting reading because I know they are genuine. happygoluckyT

    • Shelley answers are quick and to the point! She will tell you what she sees and delivers the response with    compassion. I    will continue to utilize her service for guidance when situations are unclear. Looking forward to seeing my life unfold in  the way she predicted. CJ

    • 'Shelley is simply wonderful! She is an amazingly insightful and gifted ad visor - is honest and direct yet compassionate. I didn't even need to tell her anything and she knew what I wanted to talk about instantly in the first call. She helped me gain perspective in a difficult situation and advised on how best to cope with it. I know I will be talking to her again!!' -  A M

    • Shelley is truly wonderful! I would highly recommended her to anyone! The best words to describe her is: integrity, compassion and professional! I first made spoke with Shelley end of November and what she has told me has been true. She is honest in what she tells, and is compassionate. She truly cares for those she deals with, and I can tell you first hand, she has been a blessing to me and I am so blessed to have found her!  KC

    • Shelley is absolutely wonderful. Not only is she insightful, accurate and knowledgeable, she truly cares about her clients. I am happy to say she is not only my ad visor in all matters, but also my friend. I am truly blessed to have found her. She is a psychic with all naturally gifted abilities. I will continue to utilize her services as a client for as long as possible as she has never steered me wrong. Thank you!!  EB

    • Shelley is a wonderful genuine lady and a powerful psychic with so much intuition. She is accurate, prompt and so sweet. Always there to help. She has touched my life like no others. There is no B.S. and no sugar coating, she says what she sees and advises accordingly. I am so lucky to know her. I can't thank you enough Lady Shelley, thank you XOXO Ed Ziaebrahimi Mission Viejo, Ca
    • Shelley provided clear and useful counsel and more importantly—peace of mind. Together with her brilliant and generous Guides she was able to clear up my situation without asking a single question. If you want to receive guidance that is genuine, accurate and actionable do not hesitate to contact Shelley. I am certain you will be glad you did. I certainly am! —Chris

    • "Shelley has been there to help me gain insight and clarity on numerous occasions on the phone and email. I trust her as an ad visor and appreciate her compassion and generous Spirit. She really cares about her clients. Additionally, today, she gave me the biggest laugh!! She knew just what I needed :-) :-"  Shelley

    • Shelley you are the best. You always pick up on the situations without asking any questions and you know what is going on. You have blown me away from our first call and you continue to do so. You are like a wonderful friend that knows the answers to your problems. Would love a reading in person. You are the bomb!!!!" ~ Lorraine

    • "Shelley has been my ad visor for years and she is always 100% accurate. I trust Shelley with all aspects of my life and she has steered me in the right direction each and every time. The biggest shock was today, I never get sick but, I woke up with the worst sinus infection. Shelley was doing an email reading for me and she began with watching out for sinus problems draining into my throat. It was like Shelley was in the room with me! Amazing insight, thoughtful, spot on accuracy and a kind and gentle heart. I love Shelley as my ad visor and so will you. Call her ! TG 

    • I just want to thank Shelley for all her help and support she is a blessing and a real angel. Her reading are amazing , her gifts are beyond any other psychic I have ever had , she is 100% accurate and picks up things before I even speak. Shelley is very thorough in her reading. One of the things I like about her reading is that she take the time so you understand what she is saying, she doesn't sugarcoat it nor does she. Try to guide you to a dead path as some readers do. I have had several reading by this incredible lady and I give her thumbs up 1000% great reader and a lovely woman. I would not be fooled by people that are so thick in their head to give false hope and misleading information by other psychics. It is more of a game to them and fraud by asking for more money and get greedy by their gifts when I have found them to be fakes!!!  If  you want a truly and gifted psychic, who is honest. And accurate get one from her you will be very happy, that is why I am a repeat customer! You just need one reading with her and I know you would be happy as I have been, again that is why I continue to go back, she had told me things nobody else has ever told me and it is incredible! I would highly recommend her to anyone. There was a reason I met her and so glad I did, she has made my life incredible. There is no misunderstanding any misinterpretations, Shelley explains to you in great detail so you understand and she is truly a blessing!  Mary in San Diego.